Photo Contest

We would like to remind one and all that we will be having our annual PHOTO CONTEST at the ABFM Cocktail Party at Club Auto Kirkland the evening before the show. There will be trophies! Photos should be 8″ x 10″ or so, black & white or color and involve a Little British Car. This is a very enjoyable part of our party and attendees look forward to this with great anticipation!

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  1. mary powrie schacht On July 18, 2012 at 3:23

    I’m not sure what kind of photo might be of interest, or where and when I should submit a pic. Size (8X 11, 4 X 5), colour, B & W, subject: assume cars, but that is a guess. It might be something to consider, number of pics per entry…so you get what you want. Perhaps having a section for past ABFM, would help build a base of history that you can use in future ads about upcoming events? Old barn finds can be hillarious……found some on trips that I took to be funny. (tree growing up through engine bay)Maybe a “what kind of car is it?” contest would be fun! We have a lot of fun stories, having met over a Morris! Didn’t know if Bruce’s interest in me was my half acre (where his growing flock of donnor cars could fill up) or the engine stand a previous tenent left behind. Any interest in funny stories? We, our Morris club, will be traveling up for sure. I’m just getting together our application. Will join you atthe cocktail party! Mary & Bruce

    • Steve On July 18, 2012 at 3:32


      All manner and style and size of photos are appreciated and enjoyed by the group at the cocktail party. I have several folks who submit more than one photo. Participants at the cocktail party place their votes and I tally and award trophies. We try to take photos of all manner of things having to do with the show and some come with some pretty good tales too. With the raffle, good food, lots of conversation and beer, the cocktail party is a pretty noisy and active place, we can try a car ID quiz and see how folks react, it sounds like fun.

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