New Classes for New Minis

Because of such a great turnout on the part of the New Mini enthusiasts, the ABFM is proud to announce a whole new set of classes just for them! Mini Coupes, Mini Cabriolets and now a Long Wheel Base class just for Clubman and the new Countryman models.

two Comments

  1. Jeff Drago On July 15, 2011 at 1:09

    Please make sure you published entries are titled as “MINI Coupes” , “MINI Cabriolets” & “MINI Long Wheel Base”.

    The spelling “Mini” refers to classic Minis, not BMW MINIS.

    This will prevent any confusion.

    • Steve On July 15, 2011 at 2:48

      Jeff, The new MINIs are distinguished from the original Minis through their class distinctions on the entry form and on the ballots. New MINI: NM-01 through NM-03 and MI-01 through MI-03 for the originals. I am quite impressed by how many enthusiasts in the local Mini (or MINI) clubs enjoy and appreciate both models. Both cars are a hoot to drive and the folks that own either (or both) are a delight to know and motor with. I would like to take this and every opportunity to welcome Mini and MINI owners entries in the show and share all that is good with the local British Car Community with them all. Did you know that in 2011 you can buy a brand new MG built by a Chinese company? Yep, the Chinese own MG and continue to build the MG-TF in Longbridge UK, even though the equally new MG6 Magnette (!!) is designed and built in China – and proudly wears the sacred octagon right there on its’ nose… My Toyota was built in Illinois, the Jags are owned by an Indian company and we are securely in an age where cars should be identified as coming from… EARTH (or not… Trabant!)

Sold Out!