2014 ABFM

In 2014 the ABFM was held at the new venue of Saint Edward State Park in Kenmore Washington. Saint Edward State Park is a 316-acre day-use park with 3,000 feet of freshwater shoreline on Lake Washington. Once a Catholic seminary, the park’s rich history reflects in its grounds and architecture. Walks along the undeveloped lake shore are peaceful and give the visitor many opportunities for nature study, including the chance to see bald eagles, otters, and other animals.

The change to this new venue received nearly unanimous approval from the entrants to the ABFM, and this resulted in one of the best ever shows with just over 500 British Automobiles and motorcycles in attendance.

The park offers a great and wide open field to display teh cars to their greatest effect and offers the opportunity for even more cars in the future.

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